Friday, April 23, 2010

Corn Kernels In Coconut Milk Gravy

                                      Corn Kernels In Coconut Milk Gravy  

Today's corn curry , incorporated  from Mallika Badrinath's cookbook.Generally I have a staunch feeling she uses way too much of garlic in curries.For example she counted 6 pods of Garlic in this curry.I am not Anti Garlic,but we do not like  the strong flavor too much.Included  2 pods which was pretty strong for us.Our taste buds counts for medium spicy/sometimes less spicy .Its been a longtime I cooked by the books.Ever since internet is available 24/7  just Google.Few years back I remember before blogging became notable  some of my friends and myself would visit Food sites like Bawarchi,Sify Food. Tarla Dalal's website - All rounder.But again I weren't successful on every tried recipe  of Tarla Dalal's .Will jump to the recipe now and Wishing You All a Wonderful Weekend Ahead.I am looking forward to this stalking weekend after a tiresome week and  previous weekend my daughter  being sick,this is an awaiting one .

Corn Kernels In Coconut Milk Gravy


1.Yellow Corn Kernels  2 Cups

2.Organic Lite Coconut Milk 1

3.onions 1 Diced

4.oil To Season

5.Potato Boiled 1(diced)

6.Salt to Taste

7.Cilantro to Garnish

To Grind to a Paste

1.Cinnamon Stick 1/2 Inch

2.Garlic pods 2

3.Green Chilies 2

4.Coriander seeds/Dhania 1/2 Tsp

5.Cloves 2

6.Poppy Seeds/Cashews  1 Tsp


1.In a Heavy bottom pan heat the oil add the onions once the oil is ready and saute until the onions turn golden brown.

2.Add the ground mixture and saute until the raw smell of the garlic wades off

3.Add the Corn kernels,Boiled Potatoes and salt.Leave it on low flame for 5 minutes for the kernels to cook.

4.Add the coconut milk and leave it for couple of minutes and switch off the flame.

5.Garnish with Cilantro.Goes well with rotis.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potato Tikki/Potato Patties

                                    Potato Patties /Potato Tikki

I would rather call it as cutlets .Tikki means cutlets.Its made of mashed boiled potato with a mix of  spices.This can be categorized under street foods.I am drawing blank for the subject matter of this post.There is so much to write I have pics of dishes that I cooked  still  sitting in the camera's memory card  .But  so much happening around.My work getting crazy and we had to visit  the ER over the weekend for my daughter.On Saturday night she started screaming with pain on her left ear.The next day morning she developed high temperature , I saw signs of infection and we didn't want to wait  for the next weekday and took her to the ER.Yep they confirmed its ear infection and put her on antibiotics.I just wanted to get this simple dish out to you all.Potato Tikki is prepared using boiled mashed potato's mixed with your choice of veggies and spices.I ran out of bread crumbs so substituted with Besan/Chana dal flour.Do try this one.It goes very well with Tea/Coffee.

Potato Patties /Potato Tikki


1.Potato Boiled 2(medium Sized)

2.Garlic 2 Pods(Grated)

3.Ginger 1Tsp(Grated)

4.Green Chilies 2(Minced/Grated)

5.Carrots 1(Peeled and Grated)

6.Cilantro 2Tsp(Chopped)

7.Salt to Taste

8.Turmeric Powder 1/4Tsp

9.Oil for Shallow frying


1.Mash the potato's with a masher without any lumps.

2.In a Wide bowl mix the Mashed potato,Grated carrots,Grated garlic and ginger,Minced green chilies,chopped cilantro ,Turmeric powder .

3.Add the salt to the Potato dough and mix well.

4.Make lemon sized round balls out of the potato dough.

5.Heat a Griddle/Tawa and when it is ready add 1/2 tsp of oil and spread it evenly all over the griddle using a wet paper towel and remove excess oil .This process of thin coating of oil will not make the patties to stick .

6.Take 1 Ball of potato dough ,pat it against the  hands to make round discs.Repeat this with all the Potato balls.

7.Pat both sides of the discs with besan or bread crumbs.

8.Place the discs on the heated tawa and add little oil to its sides.

9.Turn them to the other side to cook.Patties both sides will turn  brown and crunchier .If you want it more crispier can leave it on the griddle for another couple of minutes on both sides.

10.It goes very well with Hot and Sweet Tomato sauce.:):).

1.While mixing the dough you can boil and add veggies like corn,peas, cabbage anything of your choice.