Saturday, August 6, 2016

Be The Change...

A guest post on present day kids by an experienced professor ,student counselor and who has dealt with various kinds of children for 30 years. She chose the topic "Be The Change.."to articulate her thoughts.
                                                                 Be The Change...
I hear more often in every  gathering of friends and relatives who are above fifty years of age that  there is a degeneration or disregard for values among youth of today . Blindly young boys and girls discard discipline and they project themselves as modern revolutionaries. Elders get worried  when they question the custom and tradition  and don’t show any interest in participating in festivals  and celebrations . The common complaint is that the youth disobey and disrespect elders. They care less for developing and fostering relationships with extended family members and they want to have fun with friends and enjoy all the luxury that  they  buy with the hard earned money of their parents. Some parents themselves feel that nothing can stop them from taking impulsive decisions  which may lead them to failures or dangers and they are not ready to mend their ways when counselled .
Though these are very valid  fears , I feel as elders we all know that times are changing and we need to move on . Unlike the parents ,young  girls and boys of today are brought  up in a very different environment . It is not necessary for a parent  to pamper a child , he pampers himself and the parent is proud when a child achieves something and the boy/ girl is treated like an adult to a great extent . Parents of today forget that the boys and girls are hundred percent more shrewd  than them . They have to be  role models  to the young ones . The children will not accept anything that the parent discards, be it custom , tradition , culture , respect , bonding or kindness. If we expect our youth to be good , we have to be good . The youth are like the metal lid of  a container . When the lid sometimes due to wear and tear , does not fit / close the container ,We give a pat / hit it on its sides to bring it to shape . Likewise ,when the youth go out of hand , we have to counsel them sternly and try to make them understand that there are boundaries not to be crossed . Some may require  professional counselor's help, let us not hesitate to provide that too.
We did not grow up with TV , Computer , Tablets and mobile phones   on our tables. The way we spent time was very different . I firmly believe that there is no degeneration among youth . We  find the youth reacting quickly and positively as and when required . They are kind and willing to help and there are many incidents of young men and women helping the society at the times of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.
A parent’s role is as important as the role of a teacher and it is our responsibility to channelize  the physical and intellectual  energies of the younger generation towards the right direction . On a positive note , let us be the change that we want to see in our young men and women  as 
Mahatma Gandhi said.