Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter -Jackets - A Thought

This Post is not to hurt anyone or taunt any cultural cooking. As we can feel winter officially in the winds and it is time to get our jackets/coats, sweaters, gloves, ear warmers out .How many of you have really given it a thought about the jackets having the cooking smell/oil on them?.I can see many ‘Why do you care?’ expressions. I really about mine because few years back when I came to the US in September and my first winter getting used to the cold, wearing jackets, gloves etc, every time I went out wearing the jacket I could notice a staunch mix of onion, garlic and all spices following me from home to wherever I went, surprisingly not my husband (I thought: May be that’s the fate of the person who is cooking). Before I could figure out what it was I used to wash my hands, take a shower just before heading out still it didn’t help. This was killing my excitement of going out and one day I popped the question to my husband ‘Why is just my coat is being very smelly and not yours and added don’t think me as unclean person (Look at my ego here) and started to give explanation about my showering schedules’. To my husband that day I was a comedy piece and rather answering the question he started to LOL by my explanations. Finally he gave me the answer ‘You have to have the closet door closed while cooking and turn on the exhaust’. Since it is winter, we will not be able to open the windows and the air is being circulated inside the house and the jackets whatever laying out catches that cooking smell. Having solved the puzzle, immediately I put my jacket to wash with extra detergent and extra fabric softener .I felt happy getting back a cleaner one. From then on following few simple tips I was never a smelly Queen :).Glad I realized in my first winter.I travel to work by train and I feel many of the jackets that have lingering cooking smell. It is never a pleasant commute during winter.My profession involves many meetings in a day and sometime I would head directly to the conference room from the train station and imagine how would people's face turn if they experience a container of spices walking in.I am sure many of you are in the same situation as I am .There is very simple ways that you can have your jackets/coats, ear warmers, gloves fresh. Please if you are interested please take advantage of the following tips.

1. While Cooking always keep all the closet doors closed, if possible the doors of the bedrooms, bedroom closet doors so that your daily outfits be saved from cooking smell/oil.

2. Turn on the exhaust always when you turn on the gas stove knob.

3. If possible have the kitchen windows or patio doors open for sometime after cooking or at least for 15 minutes in winter.

4. Wash the jackets/coats and tumble dry once in three weeks if the texture is not Wool, Suede, fur or any delicate material.Dry clean once a while the delicate ones. Please always check the washing instructions on the make label before washing.

5. If dry-cleaning is a costly affair turn on the Iron with steam and Iron them, this will remove any lingering smell.

6. While hanging the jackets in the closet insert a sheet of scented fabric softener to the hanger. Change the sheet once a month.

7. Always place pack of scented baking soda /baking soda in the closets. Baking Soda is odor neutralizer and will keep the closet fresh.

8. Stow all the winter accessories in a closed closet. I would say store your wallet, bags, cell phones in a closed closet/room. It is just not the jackets that catch the cooking smell and oil; it applies to bags, mobiles etc.

9. Once the winter is over store the winter accessories in a closed bag and put it in one of your bedroom closets.

10. Place pack of baking soda in every room .Remember to put them in a place where it is not reachable by small children/kids. Baking soda is inexpensive way of keeping your house clean and fresh. Especially in shoe closets, garages, basements.

Try these out people you will feel fresh in winter. Self hygiene is very important .