Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wheat and Oat Muffin

Here goes my first entry to the blog world.As  always an 'Indian Mind' thinks,start any new venture with a 'Sweet',just following the paths I wanted to post something sweet to all the sweet tooth out there.Blogged,went thru my cooking books,the final effort was I landed on  Indian Sweets.My DH and DD do not  like sweets much unlike me. I was skeptical about the extra calories added by the sugar and ghee in Indian sweets.Made a trip to 'Wegmans' ,to ease off by just buying a boxed brownie or muffin mix,put it together and post it.
Back of my mind I wanted to post something I made from scratch.Finally influenced and inspired  by Dr.Oetker's organic Oatmeal muffin mix ,I came up with my own version. You must be wondering the title calls for a muffin and the picture is no closer to that.I couldn't find my muffin pan(been a longtime I baked,oops ,I never go beyond making  puff or whip up  brownie mix for my daughter in terms of baking),sobaked out as a cake .Just poured a little bit of the mix in a 'Stainless steel gulab jamoon cup' for my toddler daughter,as she would eat a cake only under the name and shape of 'cup cake'.

Again the  challenge--as the original recipe counted for an egg, motivated by all the vegan/vegetarian blogs,Used applesauce,it turned out very soft and spongy. 

Wheat and Oat Muffin

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 18 Mins
Yields :8 Muffins/15 slices


Whole Wheat Flour       2 cups

OrganicRolled Oats      1/2 cup (I used the oats from whole foods).

Turbinado sugar
/cane sugar                  1/2 cup (Can increase according to your taste level)

Cinnamon Powdered     A Pinch

Salt                              A Pinch

Baking Powder             1 Tspn

Water                          1 Cup

Applesauce                  1 baby size tub (I used organic Earth's Best brand )


Mix the wheat flour ,rolled oats,sugar,cinnamon powder,salt,baking powder, then add the water and applesauce .Pour it in a  muffin pan with  liners or in a square greased baking dish Preheat the oven 425 degree Fahrenheit and let it bake for about 18 mins.check for the readiness by inserting a fork and the  fork should come out clean.Leave it to cool ,slice it and Enjoy!