Friday, February 12, 2010

Tips for Sore Throat/Cold/Cough

Tips for Sore Throat/Cold/Cough

I know most of you with the snow over the weekend  would have cooked  like a storm.I was down with a viral fever and almost thought I caught up the flu.Good Lord it was just viral.The torture was I had a very bad sore throat  and body ache that I  couldn't drink even water.I almost lost like 6lbs(good for me) ,though I would want to loose the healthier way  not like this.Last weekend in east coast(NJ-PA area) we had like 8inches of snow and was anticipated much earlier.Knowing about the inclement weather prior and about the fact that we are  stuck in the house I had planned  a bunch of recipes bookmarked to do trial and error .But viral infection played the bad part.Anyway I am now recovering and able to sit and type some tips that helped me thru this tough time.

Sore Throat

1.Boil water to rolling boil and have it sip by sip,its is really soothing to the throat and helps fight the bacteria.Sore throat is mainly caused by bacteria

2.Boil water to a bearable point that you can hold it in your mouth ,add 2 Tsp of salt and gargle.The salt helps fight against the bacteria


1.Drink lot of liquids

2.Drink lot of  juice at room temperature.

3.Have Hot rice with Rasam.

4.Actually I had my DD's stock of Pedialyte, it helped me give instant energy with no food intake .Pedialyte is
Pedialyte Solution is a carbohydrate and electrolyte combination. It works by replacing electrolytes and carbohydrates in the body to prevent dehydration.Pedialyte

1.Boil water to a rolling boil add 1Tsp Vicks Vaporub and take steam bath covering your face,nose area.It helps relieve congestion

2.Fill the bath tub with warm water and add some  Vicks Vaporub and soak for some time don't overdo with the time as the Vicks may irritate your skin.Probably 10mins .

If your counterpart is well versed in kitchen ,he/she can make you this Kashayam

See you all soon with some recipes from my kitchen .:):)