Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bhagare Baigan - Eggplants in Peanut Curry

                             Bhagare Baigan - Eggplants in Peanut Curry

I should have got this out typically on or before Mother's day.This is one among few other creations of mine that both my Mom and MIL relishes .During my Mom's every visit I would try to make this as many times as I can .For my MIL she tasted first time during her recent visit ,she liked it so much and I believe she prepared back in India for my FIL.There are so many reasons I could not get this out on Mother's day .Many crazy things have been happening that deviated my attention from this blog.I will catch up on all of your recipes soon.

This is to two wonderful women in my life My Mom and My MIL.

Bhagare Baigan is an authentic dish from Andhra.I learn t it from one of my Telugu friend  so many years ago and I religiously follow her recipe without any variations.This has been a hit in parties,a casual dinner or a twist to the regular menu.This dish consumes little more oil than the usual frying .


1.Tiny Purple/Green Eggplants  10(with stalks)
2.Onion 1(Diced) 
3.Garlic 1(minced)(Optional)
4.Jeera 1 Tsp
5.Mustard Seeds 1/2 Tsp
6.Oil  2 Tbsp(table spoon)
7.Salt to Tast
8.Cilantro for Garnishing.

To Grind to a Paste

1.Peanuts   1/2 Cup
2.Dhania/Coriander seeds   5 TSp
3.Red Chilies  6
4.Tamarind Size of a half lemon or 2 Tsp Paste
5.Salt 1/2 TSp

Roast the 1,2,3 Ingredients until when the peanuts start turning brown.Grind it to a paste with tamarind ,salt and  little water.


1.Wash the eggplants well.Do not remove the stalks.

2.Cut the eggplant from the bottom diagonally .The stalks will act as a support to hold the eggplant along with the stuffing.Do not cut deep down,the eggplants will fall part.

3.Take a spoon full of the ground peanut mixture and spoon it inside the cut eggplant gently.Stuff a little bit more if you think there is more room inside the eggplant to hold the mixture.

4.Stuff the remaining eggplants the same ways as step 2&3.

5.Heat a wide bottom pan and add the oil.When the oil is ready for seasoning add jeera,mustard seeds,diced onions,garlic and fry it until the onions start turning golden brown.

6.Add the stuffed eggplants one after one and add salt.

7.If you have ground peanut paste left add them to the pan.Check for salt .Give the eggplants,peanut mixture a gentle turn using a wooden spatula or a flat spatula for the salt to spread evenly.

8.Cover the pan and check in between so that it the eggplants doesn't get burnt.In about 20 minutes you will see the eggplants will turn tender and soft.

9.Give again a gentle turn and leave it to cook without the lid for another 5 minutes

10.The water in the gravy will evaporate and the eggplants will gel with the peanut mixture.Garnish with cilantro.

11.Bhagare Baigan tastes heavenly with plain rice ,rotis or  simple sambar.