Friday, January 15, 2010

Whole Wheat Ragi Ginger Pancakes

                             Whole Wheat  Ragi  Ginger Pancakes

I always look for creativity when it comes to packing my daughter's lunch box.I would make bunny rabbit dosas,bear pancakes ,flower idly.One of my creation is today's recipe.I made bunny rabbit pancakes .My daughter loves taking pancakes for lunch.Actually I prefer pancakes over dosas ,since dosas gets dried easily and about lunch time its stone dry.MMM... I know what you guys are thinking "why wont they Microwave the food in school".Nope they dont do it if its home food,that's the answer becoz the daycare provides food and fees is included with food either u opt it or not.Being vegetarians options are cheese sandwich,veggie soup,pasta.This repeats every other day.My DD is very picky and I am 100% sure she is not going to eat the sandwich or soup the alternate day .The following pancake is something I mix randomly whatever flour I hit into, in my pantry during the morning buzz.

Whole Wheat Ragi Ginger Pancakes


Whole Wheat Flour 1Cup

Ragi Flour 1/4Cup

Sugar 2Tsp

Salt 1/4Tsp

Flax Seeds 1 Tsp(optional)

Milk/Water 1 cup

1Tsp baking Powder

Grated Ginger 1 Tsp

Olive Oil 1 Tsp


1.Mix together all the dry ingredients ,ginger with 1Cup of milk/Water.Add the milk/water little by little
until you reach Idly batter consistency.The batter should not be very loose or watery.

2.Heat a Griddle slather the griddle with few drops of olive oil,sprinkle little water on the heated griddle ,it should sizzle and reached the right temperature to make the pancakes.

3.Take a ladle of the pancake batter spread it on the griddle,let it cook ,flip it on the other side to cook.

4.Enjoy it with honey/maple syrup drizzled on top of the pancakes.We like it with honey.Yum Yum.

1.You can substitute whole wheat flour with whole wheat pastry flour .

2.Ragi flour is available readily in Indian stores.I usually get it from India prepared by my mom .
My ragi flour will have additional ingredients like almonds,corn kernels,chick peas .We call it kanji mavu ,used
to make a healthy drink.

3.To Prepare Ragi Flour at home.Wash the ragi very throughly as its supposed to contain dirt and grime
  A.Soak 1 cup of ragi in water for one full day.Drain the water and tie it in a cotton cloth and leave it for 2 days.
  B.Once the Ragi starts sprouting ,fry it for  5minutes on medium heat and switch off the heat
  c.After its been cooled ,grind it in a blender and sift it.It can stay in airtight container stored in the refriegerator   for about a year

Sending this to Madhuram's  JFI – Ragi/Finger Millet  Event.

JFI-Ragi/Finger Millet Event