Monday, February 20, 2017

Homemade Apple Jam sans White Sugar.

Apple Jam-Creamy Version

  This post has been in my draft for long from Dashara time and tried the jam from apples collected from Golu hopping ,prepared several times homemade jam with different fruits after that.When ever I pick up jelly/jam during grocery shopping, am always skeptical about the number of alien ingredients present even in the organic ones and the high percentage of sugar content. Most of the store bought ones contain half the amount of sugar in one serving that  a human can consume in a day which is 33gms on an average .Jelly/Jam- in our family is just for the kids, My DH is not a big fan of Jelly/Jam and I avoid consuming white sugar in any form (My Mom's badam halwa,cake is an exception:)), 8 out of 10 times we just trash the half-finished jar that resides in the refrigerator for more than 2 months. I decided to try making homemade jam with apples, that way I can pick and choose the ingredient, control- proportion, the amount of sugar, type of sugar going into it. The Apple jam that am going to present today is sans preservatives ,white sugar and believe me, it is as yummy as the store bought one and a healthy alternative. I usually make the amount of serving that is required for a week, that way the kids can have a break the following or option to try out with a different fruit instead of sticking to the one kind. The recipe is very simple and do let me know if you try it out,tried the creamy and crunchy version both tasted awesome.


 Apple -4 (any variety or mixed)-Cut in to small pieces or blended for creamy texture 
Coconut Sugar – 1 cup or according to taste
Maple Syrup- ½ tablespoon
Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon
Butter – ½ teaspoon


1. On a medium flame in a heavy bottom sauce pan add the butter when it starts to melt add the cut or blended apple mixture.
2. Keep stirring constantly for about five minutes the mixture will start to reduce in size, add coconut sugar, maple syrup keep stirring until it starts to thicken and switch flame off when it comes to desired semi solid jam consistency.
3. Add the vanilla essence, mix well.
4. Voila! Apple jam ready and store it in the refrigerator in a jar.

Received today from couple of viewers question regarding peeling the skin of the apples  as part of the prep process.-It is up to you ,if you want to take out the skin .I didn't peel and not much difference it made to the taste .Why discard the nutrients present in the skin by taking them off.

Coconut sugar added.

Apple Jam-Crunchy Version