Monday, May 31, 2010

Podlangai Paalkootu/Snakegourd in Sweetmilk & Vegan Version

       Podlangai Paalkootu/Snakegourd in Sweetmilk & Vegan Version

This is a sweet dish but  not considered as a dessert in our family .Its a traditional Iyengar dish.Both my husband and myself originate from traditional Iyengar roots.While flipping  the e-pages  of my blog ,realized there is no traditional Iyengar recipe ,here you go with one.This Paalkootu goes very well as sides to any spicy sambar or hot thogayal/chutney .In particular it goes very well with Vatha Kuzhambu/Mendiya kuzhambu.This Paalkootu takes its presence for sure in my maternal grand parent's house during our family get together.My maternal Grand mom mentions that this dish is my mom's favorite.My mom is the eldest in her family followed by two sisters and a brother.My Maternal grand mom is such a wonderful person she would make sure there is one favorite item of each person served during our family get together.She is an excellent cook.She never misses to prepare and make us relish our favorite dishes during our visits.This is to the great lady and Thatha.Thatha and K Ammama, I know you do not have access to internet I will have V(another cousin of mine) to take a print out of this post and read it for you.

Fresh tender snakegourd diced in to pieces and boiled along with sugar ,milk and coconut scraps garnished with cashews .Added coconut milk for the vegan version.

Podlangai Paalkootu/Snakegourd in Sweetmilk & Vegan Version


Snake gourd -2(Makes sure they are tender and fresh)

Sugar 2Tbsp

Rice flour 1Tsp

Milk 1/2 cup

Mustard Seeds 1/2Tsp

Oil 1/2 Tsp

To Garnish

1. 1 Tsp Broken Cashews roasted in Ghee or Oil
2.Fresh Coconut Scraps 1Tsp


1.Dice the Tender Snakegourd in to small pieces .

2.Take a wide bottom vessel and add the diced snakegourd pieces and add two cups of water .Start the flame and leave it to cook on medium flame until they are soft.Do not overcook.

3.Drain the  Snakegourd peices with a strainer.

4.Take a wide bottomed pan with the 1/2tsp of oil.Once oil is ready to season add the mustard seeds.

5.Add the cooked snake gourd pieces to the pan,sprinkle little water and add the sugar.Leave it to boil until the sugar dissolves.When the sugar syrup starts to thicken mix the rice flour along with the milk and add it to Sugar syrup coated pan of Snakegourd pieces.

6.Garnish with Roasted Cashews and Coconut scraps.Ready to consume and So Yum.

Vegan Version Method

1.Follow steps 1,2,3.In step 4 instead of Milk add 1/2 cup of coconut milk.Avoid the rice flour as it is added only to give a thick consistency.