Monday, October 25, 2010

Pickled Peppers

                                                     Pickled Peppers

Yes,I can see everyone's eyes opening  wide to see a post from me after being dormant for so many months.Things were little crazy for the past few months and getting to normal now .Frankly speaking haven't cooked anything fancy since my last post and  barely cooked to eat. Anyways we had been to vegetable picking couple of week ends  back when the temperature was in 60's.It is such a wonderful sight to see fresh veggies,beans and greens and did pick a lot of them.Amongst it we had a variety of peppers and chillies ,you name it we had it in our refrigerator Jalapeno,Poblano,Anaheims,Habanero ,Indian Chilies,All kinds of bell peppers.I did try Bajjis(Fritters) ,still had bunch of them lying around.While I was chit chatting with one of my friend 'L' she mentioned I could add to salads with a dash of lemon juice.This gave me the inspiration to come up with pickled version.Before I hop on to the recipe I should say thanks to my  BIL(My hubby's sister's husband) & SIL to indulge us in this wonderful experience.When they invited us for the picking ,  very excited along with my daughter as this is my first time vegetable picking and we have been to apple picking several times,this is entirely different .Both my SIL & BIL are wonderful persons and they live just 20 minutes away from us .They are excellent cooks ,every time we visit them we will be treated with authentic spicy south Indian meal.
This post  is to two nice people in our life' V '&' B'.

Pickled Peppers 


1.Poblano Pepper 2
2.Anaheim Pepper  2
3.Jalapeno Pepper 2
4.Indian Green Chili 3
5.Ginger 1Tsp(Grated)
6.Juice of 1 Lemon
7.Salt to Taste


1.Wash and dice the peppers to small pieces.
2.In a Bowl mix all the peppers with salt,grated ginger and lemon juice.
3.Leave it for about an hour for the salt ,lemon jucie to get incorporated .
4.Enjoy with Yogurt Rice,Rotis,Parathas.

I had prepared Rava Kichdi that day,it went very well as sides.