Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Quinoa Love-Salad with Kale and What are you Thankful For?

I can’t get enough of Quinoa Love,it is so versatile that can be consumed without spicing up ,
just with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of Olive oil.Kale,one of the ingredients has health and numerable nutritional benefits ,like lowering cholesterol by steam cooking it.Kale also has antioxidants properties that it has been included as one of the super foods to prevent 5 types of Cancer.Good things come the harder way ,so is, Kale has a  bland taste ,slightly sour, that I have to combine in a chick peas or a bean salad to camouflage its properties.This time,tried with Quinoa salad spiking just with minimal ingredients and tasted perfect.This healthy Quinoa Salad can be included as part of Thanks Giving Menu.

Speaking of TG,what am I thankful For in my life,

1. My Parents and Family.
2. My better half “A”-Who tries to accomplish and maintain sanity in our house.
3. My Friends and extended family.
4. For the World I live in.
5. My culture and am Proud of it.
6. Last but not the least and the most important “My two Minions (A&A)-who are  apple of  our eyes,brings smile on Mine and A’s face end of each day.
 I love to be squished between "A Cube" all the time.

What are you Thankful for?.   Happy Thanks Giving. 

                                                   Quinoa Salad with Kale.
1. Quinoa (boiled) -1 cup
2. Kale (chopped) -2 handfuls.
3. Ginger (grated) -1 teaspoon.
4. Garlic (diced) -1 teaspoon
5. Olive Oil-1/2 teaspoon
6. Salt – to taste

1.In a Wide bottomed pan add oil, when smoke start to come out of the oil saute garlic on medium        flame.
2.Add the chopped Kale and saute until it reduces  to half  in volume maintaining the green.
3.Add the boiled Quinoa, salt, grated ginger and give it a toss.
4.Switch off the flame.
5. Enjoy with chopped nuts of your choice on top.

Usually I cut kale and freeze in glass containers ,as I will not be able to use all in one time.