Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pickled Peppers -Another Version

                                                          Pickled Peppers -Another Version
Summer is the time ,I have noticed many people harvest vegetables from their garden ,especially variety of Peppers ,Tomatoes to be bottled and stored and Summer is the time we get vegetables of all colors.Some of my friends have taken their gardening passion to the next level by leasing a piece  of plot (this is a common practice in the east coast.) and harvest all kinds of veggies and I am one lucky friend of theirs they share their produce with me.Sometimes Indian okra, Indian baingan(eggplant), long beans etc .Couple of weeks back one of my friends gave a bag of peppers of all kinds -habanero,banana pepper,jalapeno ,Indian small chilies etc.Out of which habanero is the hottest (both spice level and appearance wise) than  the Indian chilies,very good for  boosting metabolism .Original plan was to fry bajji(fritters) with banana peppers but thinking of the amount of oil consumption bailed out on that idea and decided to make pickle out of peppers .Slightly sweet banana peppers compliment hot habanero. This pickle is very simple yet tasty and can be consumed with variety rice or breads

Habanero - 2 (to your spice level)
Long Peppers- 7-8
Jalapeno- 4-5
Banana Peppers- 7-8
Indian small chilies- 3
Salt - To your taste (but add little more than the usual to reduce ,overall spice level.)
Lemon Juice- from 5 Lemons
Apple Cider Vinegar- 3 tea spoons (optional for longer shelf use,choose unfiltered and unpasteurized ACV )

1.Wash the peppers and let it air dry.
2.Dice the peppers to small pieces.
3.Add Lemon Juice.
4.Add salt and apple cider vinegar(ACV-optional).
5.Transfer and Store it in a jar.

  • Add Indian small chilies and habanero according to your spice level.
  • On Day 1 the prepared pickle will look like  lot in quantity and after soaking up in salt and lemon juice will shrink.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar may cause allergic reactions.Use only, if it suits you and your family.
  • Reason for unfiltered and unpasteurized ACV ,carry natural antioxidants in the raw state.We use Braggs brand.
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