Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easy Pepper and Potato Curry in Coconut Sauce

             Easy Pepper and Potato Curry in Coconut Sauce

I have always believed coconut/coconut oil contained no good fats only saturated fats that leads to cholesterol not until before three years back I started reading good facts about Coconut .When I started researching I see in all health forums,websites and in handouts in wholefood/organic stores encourages to use fresh coconut or extra virgin coconut oil for daily cooking.It states that the fat contained in fresh coconut and EV Coconut oil are good fats .But Coconut is good consumed only fresh or EV ,if its transformed to processed forms it contains Saturated fats.EV coconut oil contains 62% MCT which means medium chain triglycerides which are fatty acids , digested  by the body easily than other fats.

I never used coconut milk until recently for curries or subjis after being inspired by many blogs out there and reading the good facts about coconut I stocked my pantry with 3-4 Lite Organic Coconut milk.This curry is very simple and requires easily available ingredients.Here I go to the recipe

Easy Pepper and Potato Curry in Coconut Sauce


1.Green Bell Pepper  1 Diced

2.Potato Boiled 1 Diced

3.Red Onion 1Chopped

4.Tomatoes 2 Chopped

5.Green Chilies 2 Minced

6.Ginger Grated 1/2 Tsp

7.Garlic 2 Minced

8.Garam Masala 2Tsp

9.Turmeric Powder 1/2 Tsp

10.Lite Organic Coconut milk 1 can (I used Whole Foods Brand)

11.Cilantro Chopped to Garnish

12.Jeera/Cumin Seeds 1 Tsp

13. Dry fruits Roasted in Oil to Garnish (optional)

14.Salt to Taste

15.Oil 1Tsp


1. Heat a Saute pan/kadai with the oil and add the jeera,garlic,green chilies,ginger,tomatoes and red onions.Saute until onions are golden brown

2.Add the green peppers ,salt  and saute the veggies until the peppers become tender and add the potatoes.

3.Add the Garam masala,turmeric and the coconut milk .Let it simmer for sometime.Switch off the flame it reaches your desired consistency

4.Garnish with cilantro and chopped dry fruits.We had it with rotis.It was so yummy.Actually I added some fresh grated ginger at the end .It had a Thai flavor.Enjoy!!!!