Friday, February 19, 2010

Jalepeno/Onion Chutney

                                Jalapeño/Onion Chutney

In my maternal house when we refer to chutney it is a side dish accompaniment. We will not have it with rice, the one we have it with rice is called Thogayal.There is no thogayal concept in my In-laws place. During the courtship period, I should say virtual courtship since my husband was in the US and me in India. My MIL would invite to their place almost every weekend for dinner/lunch (So Sweet of her) and I will be curious to know the menu and would pose the question "what's on the Menu' soon after the first few minutes of my arrivalJ, of course in a very subtle manner. On the list she would mention Pudina chutney to go with rice. I was confused initially how chutney can be a combo for rice. Then slowly I got the concept that Chutney is what Thogayal we call it. I guess for me when it comes to food I am used to the names from my mother's kitchen. In my kitchen I go by the names I grew up with .For example we call "Parupu Usili" and in my In-laws place they call it "Paruppu Arachu Kalaral"(which means grinding the Lentil Mixture) the process of making it is given the name. Anyways enough of my ranting let me go to the recipe. Today's recipe is chutney in terms of mine a side dish which goes very well with dosa/idli/adai/upma. It contains Jalapeno peppers. It tasted spicy and twists to our regular onion chutney.Generally peppers are meant good for our digestive system. Once in a while our food being hot is good for digestion.
Recipe Courtsey: My BIL

Jalapeno/Onion Chutney


1. Jalapeno Peppers -3

2. Onion -1

3. Green Chilies -2

4. Tamrind /Paste to Taste

5. Salt to taste

6. Oil 1/2 Tsp


1. Peel and dice the onions. Dice the Jalapeno Peppers.

2. In a pan heat 1/2Tsp of oil, sauté the Onions and Jalapeno peppers together until the onions turn golden brown

3. In a blender add the sautéed onions, jalapeño peppers, green chilies, tamrind/paste, and salt and give it a whir.

4. The chutney is ready to accompany.


1. Generally Jalapeno peppers are not hot. If they taste hot in your area reduce the green chilies.

2.2 Green chilies were on the highs for us in terms of heat.