Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kashayam- A herbal Concoction to ease out Sore Throat and Cold- Re-Post

It is the time of the year we will be under the weather very often, catching cold with climate changing slowly from fall to winter, engulfing my part of the world for the next six months. Kashayam is a herbal concoction made using several herbs mentioned in the original post.If you can't find all of the herbs from the original post,it can be made with ingredients available from the pantry which is also effective and soothe the throat.

Original Version
Kashayam-A Herbal Concotion to ease out Sore Throat and Cold

                                                  Kashayam-Simple Version


1.Coriander Seed /Dhania Powder- 2 teaspoon.
2.Black Pepper Powder - 2 teaspoon.
3.Cumin /Jeera Powder -  2 teaspoon.
4.Fresh Ginger Grated - 2 teaspoon.
5.Dry Ginger Powder  -2 teaspoon.
6.Water - 1&1/2 cup
7.Honey  - 1 teaspoon


1.Bring all ingredients from 1-6 except honey to a rolling boil and allow the water to reduce little bit.
2.Strain and mix honey to the mixture.
3.It can be consumed warm or lukewarm.
4.Enjoy the soothing drink !!!

Please adjust the ingredients according to taste and spice level ,especially  ginger and black pepper .

Kashayam works well for our family.I am no expert in herbs and not sure if any of the ingredients contains allergens.Ensure it will suit you and your family prior to consumption.