Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brussel Sprouts Saute

                             Brussel Sprouts Saute

One reason that I am now open minded to new veggies is my husband. When he sets off for the grocery shopping I can expect to see at least one new kind of veggie or greens sitting in the veggie compartment of my refrigerator. This is how I am forced to look for or create recipes using bokchoy, brussel sprouts, passion fruit etc. Actually it’s not just veggies he is generally on the exploring side unlike me. I prefer happy path always stick to proven and safe approach in doing things. But ‘A’ wants to try and explore new things. An example for you guys to taste. During the Memorial Day long week end, we had been to an aquarium and they had simulated ocean and had like 30 sharks swimming around. They had a sign “Dare You, Swim with the Sharks”. Never in my senses had I thought it would be for true. They claim it’s all safe and we need to follow instructions like swim along with the flow in the same direction sharks are swimming. You go like deep in to the water snorkeling. Our man ‘A’ was so thrilled and got all the instructions (I doubt all the instructions reached his ears in the excitement) and ready to pay. My daughter ‘Jr A’ was super excited and was like “Go Appa Go, why are you not going”. I was about to faint by the 100 possibilities that will go wrong when he gets in to the water crossing my mind at that time.”What happens if one of the sharks loses control? What happens if the snorkeling equipment fails (didn’t strike at that moment that he is a professional swimmer)? What happens he has no energy? What happens blah blah blah? This is when I will use my emotional drama tactics when all my other tactical skills to stop fail.That will stop him and stopped him that day from swimming with the sharks. To scare me even more my daughter ‘Jr A’ is a typical of ‘A’.Sometime I feel his dynamic approach is good in making decisions while I think ,think ,think and nth time think of pros and cons and never come to a decision. So this post is to my man ‘A’. Here you go ‘A’ for you and your favorite brussel sprouts sauté.
This sauté is very simple and uses everyday ingredients that you have in your pantry. Let your creative juices flow using this recipe, mix and match combinations of basil & parsley or thyme & chives. You can even add a cup of cooked penne or bow tie or any kind of non-hairy (what I mean non hairy is not angel hair kind pasta, those long hair look like.) pastas. You have One Pot meal ready in a jiffy.

Brussel Sprouts Saute


Brussel Sprouts 10Nos

Red Onion 1(Diced)

Black Pepper Powder 1Tsp

Cumin Seed 1 Tsp

Cooking Vinegar /Apple Cider Vinegar 2Tsp (optional)

Oil ½ tsp

Salt to Taste


1. In a wide vessel boil the Brussel Sprouts with water. Drain well after boiling.

2. In a wide bottomed pan heat the oil and when ready for seasoning add the cumin seeds, onion and sauté until onions turn slight brown.

3. Add the vinegar and in couple of minutes it gets to evaporate, add the boiled Brussel Sprouts.

4. Check for salt and give the brussel sprouts a toss so that it’s well coated with vinegar, salt and onions.

5. Leave it for a couple of minutes and add the black pepper powder. Switch off the flame.

6. For the Indian version add ½ Tsp of Garam masala and garnish with cilantro if you wish .I didn’t add it in this version but that tastes great too.

7. Can eat just as it is or with white plain basmati rice.


Vinegar is optional. You can skip if you do not have.

I always have Apple Cider Vinegar in stock so I used ACV.