Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BCM - Spiked Cucumber Salad

                                BCM -  Spiked Cucumber Salad

BCM-Basil,Cucumber,Mint is the abbreviation.I am using Basil in every possible dish as my basil plant is overgrowing and I do not want to waste or the leaves to dry.I used some cut basil in Pulao,in parathas,as a garnish for subjis.I was skeptical combining with Indian recipes as it might leave a pungent flavor to the dish.To my surprise not much of a  big difference.I generally do not like to waste food , my mom  always mentions "Food is Lakshmi" and whenever my brother and me over the dinner table show signs of wasting food she would start like "Food is Lakshmi and the wasted food would run to  the ocean and cry to goddess Lakshmi and in turn Goddess Lakshmi curses with no food to that person" .She narrates this story almost every day thinking we are  still toddler kids and the story continued until My brother left to do his Masters and I got married  . We pretend that we believe  that  story and will polish off the plate clean.I am using the same tactics on my daughter pheww  never works.It is believed  Food is Goddess Lakshmi -symbolizes Wealth.BCM-Spiked Cucumber salad can be made in minutes before the mealtime.Its a great sides addition .

BCM -  Spiked Cucumber Salad


1.Cuccumber 1(Large)

2.Green Chilies 2 (Minced)

3.Mint Handfull Chopped

4.Basil Handfull Chopped

5.Cilantro Handfull Chopped

6.Ginger 1/2Tsp(Grated)

7.Salt to Taste

8.Black Pepper Powder 1Tsp

To Garnish(optional)

1.1/2 Tsp Cashews Broken

2.1 Tsp Raisins


1.Peel the cucumber and dice it in to small pieces

2.In a large bowl mix together the diced Cucumber,Minced Green Chilies,Grated Ginger,Chopped Basil,Cilantro,Mint,Salt and Pepper.

3.Mix all the ingredients well.

4.Garnish with Cashews and Raisins.Great Green Salad ready in minutes.


  1. I have basil plant at home but I have never used it in any of my dishes.Before I used to chew 2 -3 leaves in the morning as it has lot of medicinal properties,but now I am not doing even that .I will add it to my salad next time and see.

  2. Very refreshing one for sure, luv it.

  3. Very interesting salad and refreshing too. Loved ur space and glad to follow u:):)

  4. Your mom sounds wonderful, AMA-- it is so important, by whatever means, to impress on our young ones the value of food because there are so many who go without it each day.
    Great salad, too. Mint and cucumber are a match made in heaven.


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