Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mooli/Radish Paratha & An Award

                              Mooli/Radish Paratha & An Award

Radish/Mooli an edible root vegetable overall including the leaves.Many of us discard the leaves when we buy .I usually will discard it in the stores itself.When I was making a kootu out of Beet Greens it rang a bell why shouldn't I make a dal out of radish greens too.My mom mentioned she always make dal with radish greens.She also mentioned she would ask specially for it when the vegetable walla  delivers her batch of veggies.It is categorized under green leafy vegetables.According to Wiki its is believed to be used as an alternative treatment for  whooping cough,cancer,gastric problems.Today's mooli paratha includes no sauteeing or steaming just grate,assemble and make.

Mooli/Radish Paratha

Yields : 8 Medium Sized Parathas.

1.Radish/Mooli  2 Medium sized Grated

2.Green Chilies  3Sliced

3.Turmeric Powder 1/2 Tsp

4.Garam Masala  1Tsp

5.Jeera/Cumin Seeds 1/2 Tsp

6.Salt To Taste

7.Cilantro  1Tsp Chopped


To Prepare the Paratha Dough

1.Whole Wheat flour  2 Cups

2.Salte to taste


1.In a wide bowl take the grated mooli along with add the salt,turmeric powder,salt,green chilies,garam masala,cilantro,jeera and mix well.

2.Press the Mooli mixture to drain the liquid.Save the liquid in a cup,do not discard the drained liquid.Keep pressing  the mixture until all the liquid  is drained completely.

3.In another bowl take the wheat flour and add the salt.Now prepare the dough with the drained liquid from the mooli .

4.In a clean counter top/roti roller take a ball sized dough and roll it as you will do it for rotis in a circular motion.

5.Now Place a spoonfull of the mooli mixture,wrap up the sides and roll it again in a circular motion.Pat each sides with wheat flour if its too wet during rolling.

6.Heat the roti Tawa when it is ready place the Rolled Paratha  and add a little bit of oil along the sides.When it is done on one side flip to the other side.The cooked paratha will puff up a little bit.

7.Enjoy with any choice of your subji .We like it with just Yogurt and Pickle.

And here is something to motivate me to keep this blog going.Aruna Manikandan of passed on this award to me.Thanks Aruna.

I have received quite a few .To list one in college ,I am a Math Student and I was heading our Math Club and We received the Best Club of the year.Personally me for the best organized captain .One for my craft skills(don't look at me like that ,I will get this blog more creative moving forward.As this blog was started overnight on an impulse inspired by other blogs and there are so many things going in our lives that I spend very little time on blogging.Eventually I will show my skills.One for my Memory Skills.,And now something to Acknowledge my Culinary skills.


  1. Never really thought about that, I also just discard the radish greens, good job! :-)

  2. Hey, paratha is very delicious..thanks for sharing..


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